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Popular Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Preparing for a wedding is chaotic enough considering all the hustle and bustle of the guests, friends and family. In between all that, that the last thing which one needs is the bridesmaids squabbling over dresses and tresses! The thing with the robes or dresses is fine and all, but along with that the hair should also be set adequately so that the squabbling drama is avoided and the look is also enhanced. In this article we are going to deal with some popular hairstyles of bridesmaids. Thus all those who are interested can just read the article below to find out!

General overview:

It’s alright if this day is not technically for the bridesmaids but doesn’t mean that they have no reason to style their hair. To be honest they have more than enough reasons to style the locks and at the same time leave enough lime light for the lady of the occasion. After all she is the bride and hence the center of attraction for everyone. But that is no reason why one should not look good themselves!

The various techniques of bridesmaid hair dos:

There are several types of styling which one can employ for their locks. From rustic locks to flawless French twists, and festival garland fishtails, so whether one is attending a fancy formal occasion or going to the Boho beach, there is a hairstyle suitable for just about any place and any occasion. Here are some of the popular hair styles which all the beautiful bridesmaids can employ. Many of them might even know about them, just still here they are anyway!

A sleek low-lying pony tail:

This style can be employed in various methods. Either one can back brush their hair and then tie a pony using a band or clip or one can down some curls upon the forehead and then tie the remaining with the clip or band. While the first one renders a sophisticated look, the second one falls into the sexy diva category. All in all they are excellent choice of hairstyles for summer weddings.

Employ flowers at the back of the locks:

This is a simple look with the locks casually folded at the back and some flowers, preferable white flowers attached to them with a pin. They are a very casual look but on weddings they go very well with any dress robes.

Use of gorgeous garlands:

On a wedding occasion nothing beats the hairstyle of a beautiful garland, especially for a festival marriage. But keep it in mind that whether the bride and your hairstyle do not match. This is a very popular style and if it has already been chosen by the bride, then goes for something else.

The center parting:

This style is again a very popular one and it gives out a retro look to the entire complexion. A simple center parting along with beautiful action girl plait might be simple but it has a charm of its own.

Pony; French style:

This is another kind of pony which is frequently employed for bridesmaid hair-dos. This French twist with a rolled up pony technique has a class of its own. Not only does it breathe fresh life into the appearance of the bridesmaid but also add a classic touch to it.

Uses of girl clips or fancy ribbons

If no styles is sufficable, then just simply open up the drawer and take out some girl clips. Roll the hair locks casually and then attract these girl clips to it. These hair dos are pretty cool and if the hair is curly then they look even good. Another look is to let those curls fall down and then just enhance them using a fancy ribbon. They go great with any outfit and are fit for any weddings.

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