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How to choose bridesmaid dresses for beach wedding?

General concept:

Usually whenever we think of the beach we think of a vacation or a holiday where we can just unwind and enjoy the sea waters waving towards us and the sun shining down upon us. But little do we know that these beaches are also wonderful locations for weddings. It adds an exotic touch to the wedding, thereby making it all the more special and memorable. Hence a beach wedding has now-a-days become one of the most preferred styles of wedding among many aspiring couples.

Different in concept:

Honestly speaking the concept of beach is a bit different than the normal church wedding or a palace wedding. Many may ask how it is different. Well for a simple logic, the scenery! The first thing about beach weddings is functioning with the natural elements and enjoying the natural schematics. It is a very unique wedding and so henceforth the dresses should also be different. The lady of the moment should pick an adequate dress for taking vows on the sand beach and the same concept applies for the lady’s bridesmaid. In fact considering the bridesmaid dresses is equally important to that considering one for the bride. But this is no easy task as there are various pre-requisites and consideration which need examining, just so to get the right choice. Some of the conditions are mentioned below:

The tips:

  •   The first priority which needs consideration is that color of the bridesmaid dresses. For this one has to look at the weather as well as the sand. These bridesmaids have to appear beautiful against the outlook of the sand but this should be done in such a manner as it doesn’t go against the beach location. Hence to compliment both these requirements one should consider something which is light in color and also free flowing. Beaches will have the sun beating down upon it hence the bride as well as her council of bridesmaid will be more than happy if the attire chosen for her is loose and free flowing rather than tight and sticky.
  •   For such Chiffon is always a useful pick for the bridesmaid dress. The reason is because they are extremely comfortable and dance beautifully with the breeze of the ocean. Also it is a touch cooler and comfortable that the silk fabric dresses or Taffeta fabrics, especially with the sun shining down upon them. Avoid heavy dresses especially in the beach. The only point which in has to watch out is the flowing of the dress. One should always have an underskirt fitted properly over the you know what so that, in case the wind picks up as the bridesmaid get upon the alter , it should pose no problems.
  •   Choose a shade or color which is suitable for the beach. This is the toughest part in dress selection especially for a beach marriage. Try and avoid black, dark brown or for that matter dark red as they are colors which do not fit into the beach scheme of things. Try oceanic blue or, soft green and even purples which will compliment to the exoticness of the beach.
  •   Usually in normal weddings, bridesmaids are usually seen wearing long dress robes. They might look good in church or palace weddings, but when it comes to a beach wedding it is a big no! the recommended thing to do is to opt for something which is short and sweet at the same time. This is in fact seen in many Australian beach weddings, where the Australia bridesmaid dresses are short and sturdy.
  •   This concept of Australia bridesmaid dresses are the right way to go as they are no chances of the dress getting dragged onto the sand and as a result ruining it. Plus it also removes another potent danger which is tripping over and falling. Thus one should go the Aussie way and try to select a dress which is short and attractive at the same time.
  •   Last but probably the most important factor which one should keep in mind is that in a wedding the bride is the center of attraction. Hence she should appear a class apart. Hence so not over dress the bridesmaids so that they sort take away the charm of the bride. They should look good but as good as the bride. Otherwise the man to be wed might change his mind, if you know what I mean.

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