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Classic formal dresses in movies

Whenever we see a classical movie, there are two things which strike us instantly- the story and the costumes. They were the two components which more often than not entice us to see such films. Several people quite amazingly are of the view that these classic dresses were major hits in the box office due to the un-forgettable dresses which the actor and actresses flaunt. It is a fact that there are several movies which re remembered for its classical formal dresses and wardrobes. They really lighten up the entire movie and makes it’s a memorable one. Our article here is also going to deal with such classic formal wears for men and women. So, all those who are interested to know can just read the below paragraphs.

Classic formals make these movies even more special:

Classic formal outfits in movies such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The James Bond Series, The Aviator, The Great Gatsby, The Seven Itch, Titanic and many more, have added an extra charm to the entire outlook of these movies. It’s not that without such dresses these movies would have not done well in the Hollywood Box office, but it’s just that the scenes in which they were employed wouldn’t have been so enticing. After all a classic formal wear is a classic formal wear! Like take for example, whenever we remember movies from the James Bond series, we remember the amazing classic formal wears which Bond used to carry and not to mention the style and arrogance which went along with it. It added the oomph factor to those scenes and made them what they are today.

classic formal outfit

Some tips about the possible combinations:

The trend of classic formal has been in the dressing scheme of things for quite some time now. They are the most trusted piece of dresses for both men and women. It can be worn on any occasion, whether it is a wedding, or a corporate occasion or an outing, it is fit for every occasion. Though classical formal dresses can be a single color shirt, formal cotton trousers, shirt tucked in properly, attaching a tie or a bow tie and then slipping over a tux or coat along with black formal shoes!

The combination that sets the room on fire:

Though this look can be done in many ways with different combinations but the actual classic formal outfits in movies which really look good are black trousers, crisp white shirt with a black tie or a bow tie for that matter, black leather shoes and a black colored coat or tuxedo. The most unique thing about this dress is the combination of black and crisp white. It is the as many fashion experts opine- the best combination in the world!

“The little black dress”

Most of the classical movies will find the men wearing a black and white combination while the ladies wearing a classic gown or “the little black dress” which now-a-days have become so popular. In fact this classical black dress is also subjected in various movies such as Twilight Saga and The tourist featuring Angelina Jolie and the ever handsome Johnny Depp. But interestingly this classic “little black dress” is not something which has come up in recent times.

Combination of sophistication and sexy:

The origins of this design goes way to 1920 and were considered a classic piece of wear for women in occasions such as cocktails and receptions. Even today in several concerts we see artists such as Katy Perry or Taylor Swift wearing them and making the crowd go wild. These dresses are just the combination of sophisticated and sexy and in the modern world are considered a very popular dress for formal occasions along with the gowns.

sexy cocktail dresses

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